Will the UltiMAK M7-B Optic Mount fit my rifle?

The UltiMAK M7-B Optic Mount has been engineered for compatibility ONLY with particular AKs that have shorter-than-standard gas tubes. These shorter gas tubes will measure approximately 5 and 7/8 inches. We say “approximately” because AKs tend to vary slightly.

This measurement can be taken only with the gas tube removed from the rifle.

Please do not order the M7-B simply because you have a Hungarian AK. Some of them have standard length gas tubes (approx. 6 and 15/16 inches, to 7 inches)

The vented, stamped metal forend as found on the AMD-65 curves inward at the top, and will need to have some of this top portion removed to make room for the mount and clamps. Placing the mount over the forend and marking the forend with the location of the two clamping positions with a pencil makes for an easy and accurate grinding job. A 3/8 to 1/2 inch diameter grinding stone on a Dremel tool makes easy work of this, and took only a few minutes in our shop:

AMD-65 Handguard, Modified

Synthetic or wood forends typically need no modification, but there is a wide variety of forends available, some compatible and some not.

All UltiMAK AK mounts are designed to be slightly shorter than the original gas tube. THE LOCKING LEVER IN THE REAR SIGHT BLOCK WILL NO LONGER SERVE ANY PURPOSE. This helps in two significant ways. 1. It ensures a fit on your AK without custom fitting, which would require cutting through the hard anodizing; a nasty process that will dull or ruin all but carbide tools. 2. More importantly, the shorter tube can be mounted so it does not press against the rear sight block or the gas block. In this way, the mount is not jammed against any part of the barrel assembly at either end, and the barrel can now expand and contract with temperature changes without changing point of impact. Further; the reduced length allows the UltiMAK mount to self align with the barrel, as it is designed to do, without any interference. Several customers have indicated an improvement in accuracy after installing UltiMAK mounts on their AKs.

There are some badly assembled rifles, and some rifles that are at the extremes of AK dimensions. If you cannot make your UltiMAK Optics Mount fit and function, you may return it to us (undamaged) and we will cheerfully refund your purchase price. Alternatively, trade your crooked AK in for a straighter one, and enjoy the benefits of the UltiMAK system.

The M7-B will not fit, and cannot be altered to fit, the super short “Krinkov” type AKs. For the Krinks (AKS-74U type) use our M13 optic mount.

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