Innovative Solutions for the Practical Shooter

Innovative Solutions for the Practical Shooter

Optic mounts for your classic rifle

AK Optic Mounts

What UltiMAK is best known for. World renowned mounts for a wide variety of AK models.

More Optic Mounts

For a selection of popular classic and modern rifles. Inspired by our successful AK mounts, we are always working on making more firearms UltiMAK compatible.

Rail Accessories

Tactical gear to put on your new mounts and rail systems.

Highly regarded among firearm enthusiasts

Dream AK

UltiMAK optic mounts have been written about favorably in prominent publications such as American Rifleman and Firearms News.

UltiMAK has received critical acclaim from a number of gun video channels, including:

Made in U.S.A.

All of our mounts are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Legendary Customer Service
Generous Refund Policy

Easy refund or replacement if a mount doesn't fit your firearm or is not to your liking.

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