Will the UltiMAK M1-B/M2-B Optic Mount fit my rifle?

The UltiMAK Optics Mount has been engineered for compatibility with a wide range of AK rifle variations. If you have a 7.62 x 39 caliber AK with standard weight barrel and a standard length, removable gas tube (roughly seven inches, or 17.7 centimeters overall gas tube length) the Mount should fit nicely. We have yet to find a rifle of the above description that our mount does not fit, providing that the rifle is assembled reasonably straight. Some AKs have radically misaligned gas blocks as compared to the rear sight block. In rare cases, this can cause problems installing the UltiMAK Mount.

Also fits Romanian 5.45 x 39 and .223 (5.56 NATO) caliber AKs using barrel shims available from UltiMAK (Romanian 7.62 x 39 AKs usually sold as the SAR-1 or WASR-10 do not need the shims). Chinese AKs in 5.45 mm, 5.56 mm (.223) or 7.62 x 39 do not require shims. We have customers using our style 2 Mount (M2-B) on their Chinese “RPK”s (NHM-91). The Russian, RPK based VEPR II rifles in all calibers have a heavier barrel, like an RPK should, and all are equally compatible with our VEPR II Mount (M3-B). The M3-B is designed specifically for these heavy barrel AKs.

There have been large numbers of model M70 series AKs coming into the States lately. Having either a fixed stock or an underfolder, the model designations range from M70, M70B1 to M70AB2, etc. (all M70 series). The parts are made in Yugoslavia (now Serbia & Montenegro) by Zastava, though some U.S. dealers have apparently been saying they are from Romania or elsewhere. Characterized by a bolt carrier in the white, a stamped receiver with side swells similar to an RPK, and often having a grenade sight on the gas block, the M70 AKs are different in some ways from other AKs, and are incompatible with many after-market AK accessories. The forend and gas tube are longer than standard, and the fixed buttstock attachment is unique. UltiMAK is building a new optic mount for these rifles, the model M9, and our ACR2-MC modular rail forend will fit them nicely.

All UltiMAK AK mounts are designed to be shorter than the original gas tube (nominal difference is one eighth, though this will vary depending on your individual AK). As a consequence, the locking lever in the rear sight block will no longer serve any purpose. This helps in two significant ways;
1. It ensures a fit on practically any AK without custom fitting, which would require cutting through the hard anodizing– a nasty process that will dull all but carbide tools.
2. More importantly, the shorter tube can be positioned such that it does not press against the rear sight block or the gas block– The mount is not jammed against any part of the barrel assembly at either end, therefore the barrel can expand and contract with temperature changes without changing point of impact. Additionally; the UltiMAK mount can self-align with the barrel, as it is designed to do, without interference. Several customers have indicated an improvement in accuracy after installing UltiMAK mounts on their AKs.

There are some Hungarian AKs, based on the AMD-65, which have a gas tube that is more than an inch shorter than standard. There can be no mistaking this short tube with the standard length gas tubes, as it barely extends beyond the upper handguard. We now offer a mount specially engineered for these rifles– the M7-B.

Regarding the lower handguard (stock “forend”):

The design of your lower stock forend may affect compatibility with the UltiMAK optic mount. All of the old AK-47/49 style wood forends (with no side bulges) such as found today on most Chinese MAK-90s, have required some wood removal inside, to make room for the UltiMAK barrel clamps. This procedure is covered in the illustrated installation instructions that come with your M1-B or M2-B Mount. Alternatively, you can purchase a compatible forend from UltiMAK or other AK parts supplier. See our AK Stocks and Grips page.

So far, any of the Bakelite or synthetic forends we have tried, including the “AK-100” series with steel heat shield, and the synthetic forends from Choate, will work nicely without modification, as will most AKM style wood forends having side bulges. MagPul MOE and Zhukov forends are UltiMAK compatible. If your experience differs from this, please drop us a line and let us know. We will be glad to hear from you.

There are some badly assembled rifles, and some rifles that are at the extremes of AK dimensions. If you cannot make your UltiMAK Optics Mount fit and function, you may return it to us (undamaged) and we will cheerfully refund your purchase price. Alternatively, trade your crooked AK in for a straighter one, and enjoy the benefits of UltiMAK.

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