AK-47 Optic Mount (with side gas ports) for Chinese Norinco, Polytech, etc.


For standard length, standard weight AK type rifles that have original piston tubes with side vent holes
Model# M2-B

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UltiMAK AK-47 Forward Optic Mount with side gas ports
For standard length, standard weight AKs/AKMs.
Can be used in place of our M1-B mount on any AK that would fit either. See below for details.

  • Features side vent holes, as found on Chinese AKs and others.
  • Co-witnesses with most low-mounted tubular reflex sights.
  • Clamps rock-solid to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy.
  • Replaces the gas tube/upper handguard assembly.
  • Includes steel clamps, screws, Allen wrench, and instructions.
  • Easy installation: no gunsmithing required.
  • Made in USA

Construction: One-piece aluminum body (6061-T6)
Finish: Hard anodized, matte black
Rail: Picatinny style (16 slots).
Length: 6.875″

Model# M2-B

UltiMAK AK Scope Mount M2-B: A rock-solid platform for your premium optics, shown below installed on a Chinese rifle with original wood forend modified to fit the barrel clamps. Replacement forends are available here at UltiMAK, which need no internal modifications.

M2-B installed on Chinese AK

The M2-B has a Picatinny style rail positioned below the iron sight axis, making this the lowest optic mount available for the AK. With a tubular sight mounted low, you will be able to use your optic without a comb riser and still use your regular hold. The system allows for co-witnessing (the ability to use your iron sights right through a 1x sight as a back-up sighting system) when used with a tubular reflex sight mounted low. This heavy duty mount replaces the original steel piston tube and upper handguard, so it adds less than one ounce to the weight of the rifle, making it by far the lightest optic mount installation in the world. The forward positioning of the optic gives you faster, easier and more natural targeting while maintaining your full field of view. Multiple target or moving target engagements, with both eyes open, become second nature.

The mount rarely if ever needs to be removed to clean the rifle, so you need not worry about loss of zero. Since the mount is clamped to the barrel and not jammed in between the gas block and the rear sight block like the original gas tube, several UltiMAK users have reported an improvement in their AKs’ inherent accuracy.

Compatibility notes:

Please note; This is also the correct mount for the Century C39, C39V2, RAS-47 and VSKA rifles (however, it will not fit the Century Arms pistols, and will also not fit the VSKA Trooper. If you have a VSKA, make sure you know if it’s the regular VSKA or the Trooper. If you have the Trooper (TPR), see our M17 mount. The M2-B will work with almost any other standard weight, standard length AK having the standard ~7″ piston tube.

Much confusion has resulted from not understanding the difference between the AKM style, plain piston tube with vented gas chamber, and the older style vented piston tube with plain gas chamber, and also by not understanding what it means to have a ~7″ piston tube, or not knowing where the gas chamber ends and the piston tube begins. The tube must be removed before you can measure its overall length. Also, removing it will show you for certain where the gas chamber ends and the tube begins, and thus whether you have holes in the tube or holes in the gas chamber in front of the tube. If the tube has holes in it, order the M2-B. If it has no holes in it, and it’s a standard length tube, and there are holes in the gas chamber, then get the M1-B or the M2-B.

Nearly all AKs are vented to help dump exhaust gas out of the system up front once the piston exits the gas chamber (gas block), although in reality most of the exhaust is passed around the piston and back into the rear sight block and receiver through the deep flutes in the piston tube bore. The issue at hand in choosing this mount is the location of the vents. Some very few AKs have no vents in either the tube or the gas chamber, and in that case simply order the mount that matches your AK’s original configuration. If you prefer the looks of the vented tube (or you found a good deal on a used one with vents), you may use the M2-B in any AK that it will fit. More vents behind the gas chamber vents will have no effect on the cycling of the action whatsoever. If your AK’s original configuration has a vented tube AND a non-vented gas block, then we recommend getting the M2-B. It’s that simple.

M2-B installed on ChiCom KVFS

Will the UltiMAK Optic Mount fit my rifle? (M1-B and M2-B mounts) Further reading.

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