Optic Mount for C39 Pistol, RAS-47 Pistol & VSKA Trooper


Fits pistols: C39, C39V2*, RAS-47*, PSA AK-P
*Please see product details regarding compatibility info
Model# M17

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UltiMAK Forward Optic Mount for C39/RAS-47 AK pistols & VSKA Trooper (TPR)
Fits these pistols: C39, C39V2*, RAS-47*, PSA AK-P
*see below for notes regarding C39V2 & RAS-47 pistols

Based on the proven and successful M1-B and M2-B UltiMAK AK mounts, adapted to the AK pistols made by Century Arms.

  • Clamps rock-solid to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy.
  • Co-witnesses with most low-mounted tubular reflex sights.
  • Replaces the gas tube/upper handguard assembly.
  • This is the lightest, lowest, and simply the best mount available for your AK.
  • Includes steel clamps, screws, Allen wrench, and instructions.
  • Easy installation: no gunsmithing required.
  • Made in USA

Construction: One-piece aluminum body (6061-T6)
Finish: Hard anodized, matte black
Rail: Picatinny style (12 slots)
Length: 5.381″

Installation may require shim set, SH-1, for smaller diameter barrels; see bottom of product description.

* Compatibility notes:

Some C39V2 pistols, and possibly a few RAS-47 pistols, were made using the standard rifle gas system length. Remove and measure your piston tube if you are unsure. If you have the standard rifle piston tube it will measure slightly under 7 inches overall. If that is the case, you want the M2-B mount instead of this one. Nominal design length for all our AK mounts is one eighth inch less than the factory tube being replaced.

Model# M17

Shown below on a C39 pistol, the forward, low mounting enabled by the UltiMAK system provides a better, more sensible optic sight height, without adding weight or bulk to the gun. Our C39 pistol requires the shims, whereas the V2 model we tried did not. The M17 optic mount allows co-witnessing of the iron sights with most tubular reflex type sights, such as Aimpoint. The railed, synthetic lower handguard shown will require slight modification (See Below)*.

M17 on C39 Pistol

Next is the M17 on the C39V2 pistol. This installation did not require shims, and Magpul lower handguard made the process very easy. With QD sling sockets all around, front and back and the mini AFG, this is a versatile setup. All it needs is a quality optic sight, mounted low for co-witnessing and you’re good to go.

M17 on C39V2 Pistol

Below you see the M17 mounted on the RAS-47 pistol with the Aimpoint Micro H1 Standard. The Magpul handguard shown is fully UltiMAK compatible, allowing a simple, drop-in installation with no shims. Notice how the UltiMAK M17 optic mount is integrated seamlessly into the gun’s profile.

M17 on RAS-47 Pistol

Here is the Century Arms VSKA Trooper, or TPR (NOT to be confused with the regular VSKA rifle, which has the standard ~7″ piston tube and takes our M2-B). The Trooper takes the M17 optic mount, which you see installed here.

M17 on VSKA Trooper

*The plastic (synthetic) handguard down below will need to be cut down slightly as shown. We started with a bench grinder and then finished it off with a file. The object is to remove interference with the M17 optic mount by taking off a small portion at the middle of the top of the handguard (see red line). When finished, the M17 optic mount should not contact the handguard. Quite simple; it only took a few minutes.

M17 with Railed Handguard, Modified

Our C39 pistol (shown above) has the smaller barrel of ~0.6″ diameter at the optic mount clamping position inside the lower handguard. That small diameter is usually only found on a certain few AKs chambered in the 5.45 and 5.56 mm calibers. A ~0.6″ barrel requires our shim set SH-1. It is therefore a good idea to measure your barrel diameter about one to two inches in front of the rear sight block. The lower handguard will need to be removed to take the measurement. An approximate barrel diameter of 0.6″ (about 0.595″ to 0.610″) requires the shims. A barrel of approximately 0.7″ does not need shims. Our RAS-47 pistol does not need shims, nor did the C39V2 we tried. Shown below on a Romanian AKM-74, you see the shims in place. This photo also depicts the position of the barrel clamps relative to the rear sight block on these AK pistols.

SH-1 shims on AKM-74 barrel

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