Barrel Shim Set for AK Optic Mount


For mounting the UltiMAK M1-B to Romanian small-bore rifles (plus a few others; see product details for more info)
Model# SH-1

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UltiMAK Barrel Shim Set for AK Scout Mounts

  • For mounting the UltiMAK M1-B to Romanian 5.56 mm (.223) or 5.45 mm caliber AK rifles such as the SAR-2 and SAR-3 or WASR-2 and 3, etc.
  • Also needed for most small bore “Krinks” and some early C39 pistols
  • 6061-T6 aluminum, non-finished
  • Made in U.S.A.

Model# SH-1

UltiMAK AK Mount (M1-B) installed on a Romanian SAR-2 rifle (pictured below) with forend removed to show shims. This shim set is not required for Chinese, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian or Yugo/Serbian standard length AK barrels in either 5.56 (.223) or 5.45 mm calibers, as they already have the requisite .678″ to .710″ barrel diameter at the clamping position. The Romanian small bore barrels need the shims to bring their outside diameter of approximately .600″ to .610″ at the clamping positions up to the standard AK barrel diameter of between 0.675″ and 0.710″ at the clamping positions. Romanian AK rifles in 7.62 x 39 do not need the shims. Some AK pistols and “Krinks” can be an exception to these rules, so if in doubt, measure your barrel at the clamping positions inside the lower handguard.

SH-1 Installed on barrel

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