Vepr II with ACR2-SL

The excellent Vepr II rifle from Robinson Armament. This one is chambered for the manly .308 Winchester, AKA 7.62 x 51 mm cartridge. You can see the trunion swell just below the charging handle at the front of the stamped RPK receiver. The RPK has a heavier barrel trunion, a heavier, longer barrel, and longer bolt lugs than a standard AK. The UltiMAK ACR2-SL modular forend is attached to the Vepr in front using the original sling stud/forend screw and internal washer. The back of the ACR2 is secured the same way on the Vepr as on any other AK, with our tenacious expanding tenon system. An EOTech 552.A65 holographic weapon sight sits atop the UltiMAK M3-B mount body. The AN-PEQ2(a) infrared laser designator/illuminator/aiming module is attached to the right hand side forend rail. The Harris bipod is clamped on the bottom rail using a Swan/A.R.M.S. quick detach throw lever bipod mount. All in all, a very fun, versatile, potent, accurate and rugged system (just like your average capitalist citizen). The kids love it too!

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