Dragunov Vepr II chambered in .308

The Dragunov was designed as a higher power, longer range version of the AK, and fires the full power 7.62 x 54 mm Russian cartridge. This could be seen as an Americanized version, based on a Vepr II with a Dragunov style synthetic buttstock by Choate, and an UltiMAK M3-B optic mount carrying a Leupold 4x EER scope. The UltiMAK ACR2-SL modular forend supports a Harris bipod using the ARMS throw-lever bipod rail adapter. This accurate and reliable, semiautomatic, heavy barreled rifle fires the American .308 Winchester cartridge and feeds from a detachable ten-round magazine. One thing this particular rifle lacks is a flash suppressor, which in our opinion is most valuable as a muzzle protector. Though its applications might be considered specialized by some, it fires the same cartridge, and its weight, range, accuracy and capabilities are virtually identical to the popular American M-14 or M1A rifle, with some minor differences– it is less than half the price and it can be thoroughly field stripped without removing the stock. It comes down to taste; Some would consider wood on a rifle to be an anachronism, while others believe synthetics ruin a good rifle’s aesthetics. Here at UltiMAK, wood is good, and black rifles are beautiful.

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