UltiMAK AK Forward Optic Mount M7-B
For Hungarian AKs Having Shorter-Than-Standard Piston Tubes
(Also fits most regular, Romanian Dracos*)

Overall Length; 5.75 inches.
Same as M1-B but designed for the shorter piston tube of many Hungarian AKs. Replaces original piston tube and clamps directly to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy. Solid, one-piece 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum body. Includes barrel clamps of 4140 steel, screws, Allen wrench and instructions. A rock-solid platform for your premium optics.
Will not fit, and cannot be made to fit, "Krinkov" type weapons.
No gunsmithing required.*
Model; M7-B
Made in U.S.A.


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Will the UltiMAK Optic Mount fit my rifle?

The UltiMAK M7-B adds critical functionality to this AMD-65. This semi auto version makes an excellent sporting weapon. The shorter AK, with its folding stock, was originally designed for motorized units. It's smaller size makes it easier to handle in the confined spaces of troop carriers, aircraft, and other vehicles. It uses a 20 round magazine (shown) for the same reason, but it will take the 30 round mags too.

* The AMD's ventilated steel lower handguard required some minor fitting to make room for the mount and barrel clamps. See the original handguard at top right, and the modified handguard at lower right. The required cuts are seen between the arrows. This was easily accomplished using a Dremel tool with a grinding stone, finishing afterward with some cold bluing compound. Alternatively, a standard AKM handguard may be used, with some minor fitting.
AMD-65 lower handguard original and modified

The primary purpose of the extended muzzle break, in this case, is to get the barrel length up to the minimum 16 inches required to (apparently) render the firearm unsuitable for criminal or nefarious applications in the U.S.. Certainly though, this little weapon is handsome, accurate, tough, potent, reliable and affordable, not to mention extremely cool (when was the last time you said that about a politician?).

*Fits most Romanian Draco pistols and Short Barreled Rifles as is. For some Dracos, the mount will need to be shortened slightly at the front. In other cases it can be up to a quarter inch shorter than the factory piston tube. In either case the M7-B is the correct mount for your Romanian Draco. We have hundreds os customers happily using this mount on their Dracos. NOT for "Mini" or "Micro" Dracos.