Will the UltiMAK M9 Optic Mount fit my rifle?

The UltiMAK Optic Mount has been engineered for compatibility with a wide range of AK rifle variations. The M9 is custom built for your M70 series Yugoslavian AK, which has a longer gas tube than other AKs. The M70 grenade sight should fold down completely, nesting over the top of the rail. The M9 will have enough exposed rail length to allow mounting some of the smaller reflex sights like the Aimpoint Micro. To access more of UltiMAK M9’s rail length it will be necessary to cut off the top portion of the M70’s grenade sight. The grenade sight should not be removed as it serves to open and close a gas check valve inside the gas block, and provides detents for the open and closed positions.

Some AKs have radically misaligned gas blocks as compared to the rear sight block. In rare cases, this can cause problems installing the UltiMAK Mount.

All UltiMAK AK mounts are designed to be slightly shorter than the original gas tube. This helps in two significant ways:
1. It ensures a greater probability of a good fit without requiring custom work.
2. More important, the shorter tube can be mounted so it does not touch the rear sight block or the gas block. The locking lever in the rear sight block will no longer serve any purpose. This way, the mount is not jammed against any part of the barrel assembly at either end, and the barrel can expand and contract with temperature changes without altering your POA/POI (Point Of Aim / Point Of Impact) relationship. Further; the reduced length allows the UltiMAK optic mount to self align with the barrel, as it is designed to do, without interference. Several customers have indicated an improvement in accuracy after installing UltiMAK mounts on their rifles. Please do not call us and tell us your UltiMAK optic mount is “too short”. That’s a feature, not a bug. Instead, watch the video below.

The original wood forend from Zastava will fit with the M9 clamps with no problem. At this time we are not aware of any after-market forends (lower handguards) that will fit the M-70 series AKs (both the lower and upper handguards are longer than standard). However, the UltiMAK ACR2-MC modular rail forend will fit the M70 series rifles perfectly.

There are some badly assembled rifles, and some rifles that are at the extremes of AK dimensions. If you cannot make your UltiMAK Optic Mount fit and function, you may return it to us (undamaged) and we will cheerfully refund your purchase price. Alternatively, trade your crooked AK in for a straighter one, and enjoy the substantial benefits of the UltiMAK system.

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