Ergo Contoured Grip for AK


Classic Ergonomic design. Includes storage compartment.
Fits most AKs, stamped and milled.
Model# E4139

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Ergo Contoured Grip for AKs

  • Fits most AKs, stamped and milled – Some require minor fitting.
  • Classic Ergonomic design for better feel and control.
  • Includes a storage compartment with improved cover.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Comes with grip bolt, washer, and lock-washer.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Color: Black

Model# E4139

See the AK Stock Removal and Replacement Instructions here

This grip replaces the older EAKGR-BK. Mounts to stamped and milled AKs. With a greater surface area than standard AK grips, it provides a secure, ergonomic hold on the rifle. Rubber over-molded with textured side panels. The ample storage compartment holds extra batteries or cleaning tools. The supplied Allen-head grip bolt fits your original AK grip nut or receiver threads.

Public Health Disclosure
Though no clinical studies have been conducted to determine either the validity of the assertion or the mental faculty of those making it, some members of Congress and some state Legislators believe a pistol grip on a rifle to be an actual cause of criminal inclination in humans. No mechanism has been identified, or suggested, by which such causality would manifest itself. More curious is the apparent belief among said Legislators that; A) any moderately developed Homo Sapiens would entertain such assertions and that; B) one might find articles within the U.S. Constitution which specifically grant them authority to make laws based upon said assertions.

Shown below is the E4239 pistol grip on a Romanian SAR. The forend is the UltiMAK ACR2-SS with 9 UltiMAK 5-slot Full Rail Covers. A Streamlight TLR-2 illuminator/laser sits on the bottom rail. The buttstock is the excellent, American made 6PCAK. The Aimpoint Micro T-1 electronic reflex sight lives comfortably atop the famous UltiMAK M1-B forward optic mount.

E4139 installed on rifle

The E4139 makes a good replacement grip for the Hungarian AMD-65, as it puts your hand down lower than some of the other aftermarket grips, and out of the way of the stock latch button.

E4139 installed on AMD

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