Six Position Collapsible Pistol Grip Stock for Mini-14® & Mini-30®


Polymer construction.
Handguard has integral Picatinny rail.
Model# 6PMINI

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Collapsible, Pistol Grip Stock for Mini-14 & 30

  • Rugged, Precision, Reinforced Polymer.
  • Includes polymer handguard with top rail.
  • Picatinny rail, with cover, on bottom of forend.
  • M-249 style pistol grip with storage compartment.
  • 6 Position Length of Pull Adjustment.
  • Includes two buttstock tubes for selectable drop.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Color: Black

Will not fit 180 series Minis.

Model# 6PMINI

6PMINI Plus UltiMAK Scout Mount

6PMINI shown above with the legendary UltiMAK M4-B, CNC machined, hard-anodized aluminum optic mount (Sold Separately).

We recently installed and tested one of these new collapsible stocks, and we’re hooked. The M249 style grip and adjustable length of pull add a nice feel and quick handling to an already handy rifle. Length of pull (measured from trigger to buttplate in a straight line) adjusts from 10.2 to 14.1 inches in six positions using the proven M4 carbine type mechanism with steel latch-pin. Tapco has seen fit to include an all polymer, rail handguard for the top, which attaches to the stock forend, but maximum performance, stability, and low mounting will be achieved with the UltiMAK M4-B forward optic mount.

Installation was simple, involving transfer of the factory magazine well and op-rod guide plate from the original Ruger stock. The standard procedure is then used for installing the barreled action and trigger group.

The 6PMINI is shown above installed with the UltiMAK optic mount, M4-B, the excellent Trijicon Tripower reflex sight, the Streamlight TLR-1 weaponlight, and two of the UltiMAK URCF-B rail covers (linked items sold separately at UltiMAK). Shown also is the 20 round Ruger factory .223 magazine, which provides flawless operation in our rifles (aftermarket Mini-14 magazines are notorious for functioning problems).

Remove the tough, synthetic rail cover from the bottom of the forend by pulling outward on the latch tab (see below) and sliding the cover forward, exposing the handy, integral Picatinny rail. Use it for mounting a weapon light and/or forward pistol grip or bipod. See our Rail Mounted Gear page for more options.

Removing the Lower Rail Cover Lower Rail Exposed

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