The UltiMAK M7-B optic mount and Aimpoint sight add critical functionality to this AMD-65. The Caliber is 7.62 x 39 mm. This shorter AK, with its folding stock, was originally designed for motorized units. It’s relative compactness makes for easier handling in the confined spaces of armored troop carriers, aircraft, etc.. It uses a 20 round magazine (shown) for the same reason, but it will accept the more common 30 round mags. This ventilated metal “forend” required some minor fitting to make room for the mount and barrel clamps. This was easily accomplished using a Dremel tool, finishing afterward with some cold bluing compound.

This AMD is afflicted with a permanently attached, 4-inch barrel extension in the form of a muzzle break. In addition to reliably shattering the eardrums of the shooter, and anyone standing off to the sides upon the firing of the first shot, the primary purpose of the muzzle break, in this example, is to get the barrel length up to the legally required minimum of 16 inches, which, apparently we are to believe, renders the firearm unsuitable for criminal or nefarious applications. Certainly though, this weapon is handsome, accurate, tough, potent, reliable, affordable, and manageable, plus it is extremely cool– A combination of qualities you will likely never see in a politician. (It’s no wonder they’re consumed with envy.)

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