Rifle with Offset Scope

What? You think every right-handed shooter has a good right eye? Using the GG-1131 offset light mount and some Weaver rings, the Leupold scope is offset almost 2.75 inches to the left, allowing for right-handed shooting while sighting with the left eye. The customer didn’t want to shoot left-handed– he had his reasons. The point here is; there are options.

Now we can hear the protests: “Won’t the offset result in horrible aiming error?”
Nope. With a 200 yard zero on this nice old Remington model 700 in .30-06, the POI will be offset to the right of POA ~2.75″ at the muzzle, 1.4″ at 100 yards, and none at 200 yards. At 400 yards, the POI will be off to the left of POA by ~2.75″. With a 300 yard zero, the POI is off 2.75″ R at the muzzle, none at 300 yards, and 2.75″ L at 600 yards. So you either use a fairly long zero (which works great for a .30-06 anyway) or you zero at 100 yards with POI ~2.75″ Right, and always aim ~2.75″ Left of desired POI. GI snipers used an offset scope on the M1 Garand (which loads clips in, and ejects the empties from, the top of the receiver and can’t have a scope in the way) quite successfully back in W.W. II.

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