Parkerized AKS-74 w/ M1-B Mount

This photo of a custom, Parkerized AKS-74, caliber 5.45 x 39 mm, was provided by an UltiMAK customer. It has the KVFS-B synthetic forend, UltiMAK M1-B forward optic mount, and the excellent Trijicon Tripower reflective sight. When you push the right button, its butt folds quickly to the left and stays there for convenience, until you push the right button again, whereupon it straightens out until such time as it will again fold to the left for convenience.

We would be tempted to nickname this rifle “The McCain” but that could be interpreted by some as a smear upon the reputation of a fine, upstanding, intelligent, reliable and practical rifle design: Though it has been used by communists, employs Soviet-style ammunition, and runs on hot gasses, the rifle’s consistent functioning is the result of time-tested, solid, American operating principles. It has the added benefit of having been fitted with an effective muzzle device.

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