Custom AKM w/ M1-B Mount & ACR2-SL Rails

This example of custom weaponry came to us from Jared Place. The rifle is built around an AKM, with UltiMAK M1-B optic mount and ACR2-SL modular rail forend. It is an effective tool set that happens to look really cool. It is said that your personal weapon should be a thing of beauty– something you enjoy owning and carrying. The Soviet socialists never understood this, but in a Land of The Free it’s accepted as a matter course. Call it individual expression or Power to the People. Either way it’s nice work, Jared.

Of the gear shown, Jared tells us; “I used Brownell’s Alumahyde 2 for all of the Olive Drab paint…. The safety lever is a mod that I did. I installed a 1/2″ knurled steel thumb device on it so now it’s a one hand safety. The flashlight is a Surefire 6P Original with 2 Laser Devices NATO rings holding it on. The EOTech is a Model 512, AA battery. The magazine is a Bulgarian Waffle mag. My .45 is a Springfield Armory A-1 Mil-Spec with Gator Grips on it and a Tripp Research 8 round mag.”

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