Customized MAK-90

This Chinese MAK-90 was customized at UltiMAK for a local University employee. It was fitted with a double hook G2 American-made trigger and hammer assembly. Adjusted for a light, two-stage action, the trigger feels more like an M1A or M1 Garand trigger than the standard, creepy AK trigger. The American-made parts include the UltiMAK M2-B forward optic mount, the synthetic KVFS-B forend, AK249 pistol grip and 6PCAK collapsible buttstock. Installing the forend required cutting down the rear tenon substantially, so as to fit the Chinese receiver. The buttstock tenon also needed some trimming, and the tang slot had to be lengthened. The owner appreciates the adjustable length-of-pull afforded by this buttstock. Being 5′ tall, she can now handle the weapon more easily and effectively.

She had this to say about her “new” rifle: “It fits me perfectly now and is just over 3lbs. lighter than with all the wood. I can’t wait to fire it. We just got a case of ammo in today, so I’ll be busy this weekend. Thanks so much for the work you did on it. I can’t stop telling everybody about you guys and how good my MAK 90 looks. Thanks again.”

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