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UltiMAK Coffee Mug
Hand-thrown, fired clay with hand-applied logo

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UltiMAK Coffee Mug

  • Hand-thrown, fired clay with hand-applied logo
  • Holds approximately 10 ounces with plenty of head-room.
  • No two are exactly alike.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Finish: Clear gloss tactical glaze outside, O.D. green tactical glaze inside.
  • Made entirely in Helena, Montana, U.S.A.

UltiMAK PLUG Mug (back)

It’s quite simple: you walk the Earth, and when you find something you really like, which is really good, you buy a whole bunch of them, spend some time and resources to promote them, and thus make them both known and available to others while supporting and encouraging those who take the time to learn to make nice things. Professors of economics have spent hundreds of years, and many lifetimes, sadly, trying to figure this out, and still they aren’t anywhere close to the answer. We just gave you the answer free of charge, thus saving you years of study and a fortune in college tuition!

We’ve been asked over and over again; “When can I get some UltiMAK logo products, like mugs and stuff?” We looked far and wide, but everyone wanted to sell us Chinese slave labor products. Then while strolling through Helena one day, hundreds of miles from home, we ran across a pottery shop that had some awesome stuff for sale. Upon learning that all their product was made right there, by the proprietors, we HAD to do some business with them. Each mug is signed on the bottom, personally, by the maker, and comes with a nice tag explaining the process of manufacture.

“What do you mean by Peace, Love, Understanding & Guns?” you may ask. Nothing, but what it says. It’s easy, isn’t it, when someone says something, straight up, such that it needs no interpretation and there’s no hidden or double meaning? We like peace, we like love, we like understanding, and we like guns. Simple as that. As for the vertically-spelled, “PLUG”; that is an old term. A verb, it means, in this sense, “to shoot something”. So when you go out to plug some old cans, water bottles, or steel or paper targets, go ahead and take your UltiMAK mug along. Just don’t lose it– Clearly, they aren’t cheap.

WARNING; The state of California has NOT yet determined this mug to be a cause of cancer in rats, though no doubt further studies are being conducted, now that it is known to be sold by a gun accessories company. Until it can be conclusively proven that this mug is 100% safe, no matter what you do to a rat with it, please, for the safety of rats, keep rats away from this mug. If you were to break this mug into small pieces, some of those pieces could present a choking hazard, and some could cut you. Throwing this mug, or whacking someone over the head with it COULD result in blunt-force trauma or property damage or loss (but that would not be peaceful, nor loving). Actually, if you live in California, perhaps you shouldn’t get this mug– No doubt there are a hundred or more ways in which your state legislators could imagine you being seriously injured or killed with it. For everyone else, this is a nice, beautiful, harmless, hand-made, fired, glazed clay mug, and it is perfectly safe as far as mugs go, so go ahead and get one, or a set of four, and enjoy!

As a bonus, these mugs have a flat bottom, so they won’t trap a puddle of water while inverted in the dishwasher like most others (we’re looking out for your interests here, even in the little things).

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