Rail-Mount Pistol Grip With Battery Storage Compartment


Ambidextrous. Slide-on design.
Rugged polymer construction.
Models# SPG-B (black) and SPG-OD (olive drab)

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Rail-Mount Pistol Grip With Battery Storage Compartment

  • Duel, removable panels for mounting tape switches.
  • O-ring sealed storage compartment.
  • Tough, Polymer construction.
  • Fully ambidextrous.
  • Imported

Model# SPG-B (Black) and SPG-OD (Olive Drab)

Slides onto any Picatinny (1913) type rail. Tightens using a deeply knurled screw at the grip bottom. What’s different about this unit is that the ram screw also contains a spare battery compartment. It will easily hold three CR-123 type cells or two AA cells.

Installation: Slide the grip onto the rail from one end. Position it so you can see a full cross slot in the rail when looking through the hole in the top of the grip, then tighten the locking ram by twisting the knurled knob at the bottom. The battery compartment is accessed through a separate, slotted screw plug in the center of the knob at bottom. There is a removable panel on each side, which exposes a tape-switch cavity (for Streamlight, Surefire lights, etc.) for more versatility.

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