Synthetic AK Upper Handguard (Stamped & Milled Receivers)


Fits nearly all AKs, milled and stamped.
Matches finish on KVFS-B and KVFM-B.
Models# KVUH-B (black) and KVUH-OD (olive drab)

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Synthetic AK Upper Handguard

  • Fits nearly all AKs, milled and stamped.
  • Black version matches finish of KVFS-B and KVFM-B forends.
  • Olive drab version matches finish of KVFS-OD forend.
  • Made in U.S.A. (embossed “US”)

Models# KVUH-B (black w/ matte finish) and KVUH-OD (olive drab w/ matte finish)

See the AK Stock Removal and Replacement Instructions here

Impervious to moisture and common solvents, these upper handguards match perfectly with KV series forends. They fit nearly all AKs equally well, but may require minor trimming in some cases. Shown here is the black KVUH-B on a Bulgarian SLR along with the KVFM-B forend.

KVFM-B installed

The KVUH-OD matches the KV series olive drab forends, as well as the UltiMAK OD rail covers. One is shown here on an AK-74 with the KVFS-OD forend.

KVUH-OD installed on AK-74

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