Standard AK Pistol Grip


Fits Stamped and Milled AKs
Comm Bloc standard shape.
Models# KVPG-B (black) and KVPG-OD (olive drab)

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AK Pistol Grip

  • Fits Stamped and Milled AKs
  • Comm Bloc standard shape.
  • Improved design adds strength and better fit.
  • Built-in metal washer.
  • Embossed with “US”.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Models# KVPG-B (black) and KVPG-OD (olive drab green)

See the AK Stock Removal and Replacement Instructions here

U.S. made pistol grips distributed by K-VAR Corp., these pistol grips are a marked improvement over any standard profile AK pistol grips currently available to the shooter, builder or collector. Its greatest innovation will be appreciated by those with receivers utilizing a grip reinforcement plate, such as those with folding stocks. The new pistol grip follows the contour of the grip reinforcement plate, so there will not be an unsightly gap between the pistol grip and the receiver. The washer for the grip screw is molded into the pistol grip itself, eliminating the need for unsightly external washers. The high-tech polymer is thicker surrounding the washer, providing increased strength in that critical area.

K-Var says this grip is designed to fit stamped receivers, but it fit an Arsenal milled AK like it was custom-made for it. It fit the Yugo M70 underfolder perfectly after a few seconds of internal filing with a round file, to make room for the rivet just behind the trigger guard.

In our extensive testing, handling rifles fitted with this pistol grip has failed to create any criminal urges among our staff, though it is our understanding that many U.S. politicians believe pistol grips on rifles to have certain, as yet undefined, evil or supernatural powers over certain specimens of Homo Sapiens unless said specimens happen to receive a regular state or federal paycheck. In the latter case there is apparently no danger whatever of this evil influence, as, one would have to assume, the presence of a state or federal paycheck, provided it occurs on some periodical basis, would have a specific countering effect against the evil influence of certain inanimate objects upon the human mind. We at UltiMAK continue to investigate the veracity of these rumors and assertions, though we have so far been unable to find a U.S. Senator or Representative who is willing to go on record in divulging any data, any sources, or reasoning to support a belief in this seemingly paranormal phenomenon.

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