AK Grip Nut and Bolt


For Stamped Receivers
Comm Bloc standard design.
Nut and bolt are sold separately
Models# AKGN (nut) and AKGB (bolt)

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Nut and bolt are sold separately for customers who only need a replacement part; if you need the pair then be sure to add one of each to your cart.

AK Grip Nut

  • For Stamped receivers
  • Fits all, so far as we know.
  • Steel, black odixe finish.

Model: AKGN

AK Grip Bolt

  • 100 mm (4″)
  • Standard metric thread fits all AK grip nuts we’ve seen.
  • Small head fits Com Blok style grips such as KVPG.
  • Steel, black oxide finish.

Model: AKGB


Grip Nut, Grip Bolt

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