Bushmaster Special Edition Black Rifle AR-15

As a symbol of the protection of life, peace and freedom (in the hands of a regular American citizen) some people fear and hate it. We at UltiMAK rather like it. Bushmaster made 100 copies of this “Special Edition Black Rifle” to order for some of the members at ARfcom based on the XM15-E2S. Built to the highest standards and specially engraved, it wears the EOTech 512 holographic sight and the excellent A.R.M.S. #40LSP folding rear sight. The two targeting systems co witness. If it had a shorter barrel and selective fire, you’d call it an M4, but this political creation has a 16 inch barrel to comply with U.S. rules, and fires only once per trigger squeeze. The longer barrel generates higher velocity (meaning better down-range energy and a flatter trajectory) than a true M4 and the semi-auto-only firing mode wastes less ammo. Its light weight, telescoping stock and virtually nonexistent recoil make it desirable for small-framed adults and children alike, so the whole family can enjoy it. Thanks to Ry for the loaner.

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