Co Witnessing image 1
Co Witnessing image 2

Your UltiMAK enhanced rifle provides a unique sight picture for the AK; ideal whenever fast target acquisition is critical. Use of a dot (reflex) sight with both eyes open allows you the greatest field of view, and allows you to focus your attention on your target. This photo shows the co witnessing capability provided by the UltiMAK AK mount and Aimpoint sights. In practice, you would use either the dot sight or the iron sights. The irons can be used in the event of diode power failure without the need to remove the optic or change your hold.

Note that when you align your eye with the iron sights, as shown at right, the dot appears on top of the front post. This indicates that the two sighting systems are zeroed for the same distance and wind. The image at left shows a sight picture more common for reflex sight use– You’re looking slightly over the top of the iron sights. In reality, it does not matter at all whether the dot appears centered within the sight tube. That is one reason why reflex sights are so much faster than the irons– Your eye does not need to be perfectly aligned with the sight. The other reason is, the reflex reticle appears on the same focal plane as your target– You don’t need to focus on the front sight.

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