AKM w/ holographic sight & UltiMAK Mounts

Understanding that civilian marksmanship training is as important today as it was 200 years ago, this young woman, with cool confidence and concentration, prepares to engage a multiple target clearing stage using her favorite AKM (Automatic, Kalashnikova, Modernized). The sight is an EOTech model 512 holographic weapon sight (HWS). The odd thingy at the rifle’s muzzle is the classic AKM “slant break”, a compensator positioned for right-handed shooters, but which can also be rotated for use by a lefty. In this case it helps keep the muzzle down and to the left, as the gas blast would otherwise push the muzzle up and to the right. The theory is that this will enable faster recovery from recoil, allowing a quicker follow-up shot. When firing in full automatic mode (for those who feel they can afford the $15K+ for a pre 1986 automatic) it is supposed to make the rifle easier to handle by keeping it closer to alignment with the target. The UltiMAK mounts, electronic sight and collapsible stock turn this classic rifle into a modern, highly capable, reliable weapon system that can be reconfigured as the mission requires.

Photo: Oleg Volk

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