Comparing Sighting Methods

Here you get an idea of the vast improvement in the awareness of one’s surroundings made possible when shooting with an electronic sight on the UltiMAK mount, using the two-eyes-open method of sighting. The sight is an EOTech model 512 holographic weapon sight (HWS). Not only does the shooter have the full, nearly 180 degree field of view of human stereo vision, but she can focus on the target rather than the front sight and the aiming dot is in focus at the same time. This shooting system is especially useful for fast response shooting, engaging multiple targets or engaging moving targets. Mounted forward on the AK using the UltiMAK mount, its as if the sight isn’t even there, but the bright red, 1 minute-of-angle red dot and its 65 MOA circle are hovering in space, superimposed on the target field like magic. In the above view on the left, she almost appears to be cheating, but she understands the judicious use of force and will take any advantage.

Photo: Oleg Volk

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