Mini-14 with Trijicon Reflex II and M4-B Mount

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle with Trijicon Reflex II and A.R.M.S. #15 Throw Lever Mount, atop the UltiMAK M4-B optic mount. Target acquisition speed is approximately doubled with this arrangement, and since aiming is done with both eyes open, the shooter can maintain a better awareness of the surroundings. The aiming reticle and the target both appear on the same focal plane, and due to the illuminated reticle, successful targeting can be achieved within a wider range of lighting conditions. The sight contains no electronic device, and is excellent for sportsmen or as a standby weapon system. We are seeing an increasing number of police and sheriff’s cruisers equipped with this technology, enabling them to engage targets with higher power and precision, and at greater distances, than is generally possible with a sidearm.

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