UltiMAK 30 Carbine Optic Mount.
Taking the versatility of the M1 Carbine to the next level, the UltiMAK model M6 mount is the lowest, most stable and practical optic mount available. The forward positioning allows faster targeting with better field of view, provides more rail length, maintains full access to the receiver mechanism with optics in place, and will not interfere with case ejection. No need to remove your rear iron sight. Use of Q.D. type scope rings (Aimpoint 12243 shown, bottom left) allows you to revert to full functionality of iron sights while your UltiMAK M6 mount remains in place.

The MIL STD 1913 (Weaver/Picatinny) rail sits lower than anything else available for this great carbine, providing a better, more natural cheek weld for extremely fast target acquisition. No-gunsmithing installation (some stocks require minor inletting [removal of some wood or plastic] inside the forend, while the old G.I. stocks we've tested require no modification). CNC machined from super strong 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized.
Best 30 Carbine Optic Mount

UltiMAK Forward Optic Mount
for U.S. Carbine, Caliber 30, M1

Fits original USGI M1 Carbines and the Israeli IMI and IAI Carbines. (see below)*
Cantilevered design.
Clamps securely to barrel in front of gas block.
Comes complete with screws, 4140 steel clamps, wrench and easy instructions.
Aluminum construction.
Finish: Hard anidized, non-reflective black matte.

Length; 8.055" (~8 & 1/16")
Model: M6-B
Made in U.S.A.


UltiMAK Forward Optic Mount
for later production M1 30 Carbines

Fits the new "Inland Manufacturing" Carbines and most Auto Ordnance Carbines (see below)*
This is a slightly shorter version of our M6-B
(Will not fit Carbines made under the brands: Universal, Plainfield, Iver Johnson, National Ordnance or Alpine)
Length; 7.812"
Model# M6-Sa

Bulletin; This M6-Sa replaces the former M6-S. We are no longer manufacturing or shipping the M6-S because this new Sa model fits both Auto Ordnance and the new Inland Carbines equally.

UltiMAK enhanced M1 30 Carbine with Aimpoint Comp sight The UltiMAK optic mount becomes part of the original 30 Carbine's profile
* Notes on compatibility; The UltiMAK M6 optic mounts are designed for MIL SPEC carbines ONLY. They will not fit, and cannot reasonably be modified to fit, most commercially produced Carbines from the 1960s, '70s and '80s, such as Universal, Plainfield, Iver Johnson, National Ordnance or Alpine. If you have one of these non-MIL SPEC Carbines and you want to enjoy the benefits of the M6 UltiMAK System, it is advised that you trade your Carbine for a G.I. blueprint Carbine. Either a 1940's vintage or the more recent production IAI or IMI (M6-B), or a new Auto Ordnance Carbine or the new Inland Manufacturing Carbine (M6-Sa). It will likely perform better, and will be compatible with after-market parts, stocks and accessories. A VERY FEW of the early production commercial Carbines from the late 1950s and early '60s do have MIL SPEC barrels (they were assembled from GI surplus parts), and so it is up to the user to determine which barrel one has before ordering a mount for one of the old, commercially produced Carbines (again: Universal, Plainfield, Iver Johnson, National Ordnance or Alpine). We will of course take returns for refund if a mount ordered from us simply does not fit, so your only risk is the small shipping charge and a little bit of your time.
To summarize; MIL SPEC Carbine? We have a mount for it.
Non-MIL SPEC Carbine? We do not have a mount for it.

All newer production MIL SPEC Carbines (IAI, IMI, Outo Ordnance and the new Inland Manufacturing), even though they may be GI spec and compatible with one of our M6 mounts, WILL need to have wood removed from inside the stock forend to accommodatte the UltiMAK barrel clamps. See the installation instructions, Figure 9 and accompanying text, in the link provided below. Again; with extremely rare exceptions, the original, 1940s production stocks are compatible and will provide for a true, "drop-in" (no modification) installation.

An UltiMAK M6 optic mount, when installed, should touch nothing but the barrel (should not touch the barrel-band, the stock, or the receiver, and the UltiMAK barrel clamps should not touch the stock)(see close-up photo above at right).
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