UltiMAK Forward Optic Mount for "Krinkov" AKs (AKS-74U, SLR-106U/UR, SLR-107U/UR, SAM7K, etc.)
Replaces the piston tube/upper handguard assembly. One-piece aluminum optic mount clamps rock-solid to the barrel. This is the lightest, lowest, and simply the best mount available for AKs. Based on the proven and successful M1-B and M2-B UltiMAK AK mounts, adapted to the shorty "Krinks". Fits most other "Krinkov" style AKs having the same gas system length. Easy installation instructions included.

Your AK may need the shim set, SH-1. See below*

Construction; One-piece aluminum mount body (6061-T6). Hard anodized. OverAll Length - 4.625" (4 & 5/8"). Barrel clamps are 4140 steel, secured with alloy steel cap screws.

Model: M13
Made in U.S.A.

A Krink may be a Krink, but it's not necessarily a Krink
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The forward, low mounting enabled by the UltiMAK system provides a better cheekweld for faster target acquisition. Also allows co witnessing of the iron sights with most tubular reflex type sights, such as Aimpoint. (source photo at right - Oleg Volk)
M13 with optic and light on AKS-74U
*At right you see the M13 mounted on an AKS-74U having a stepped barrel in the area of the M13 barrel clamps. Our shim set, SH-1 (shown installed under the front clamping potition only)) eliminates the step so the M13 can be installed tight and level without binding the piston. Check your barrel and see if it matches the stepped profile of this one before ordering. If it does, then order the SH-1 and install the shims as shown while also following the M13 instructions, and you're good to go. M13 with SH-1 shim set on an AKS-74U