Aimpoint CompML2 Military Spec Reflex Sight
Used by US Military and Special Forces, this has also been our most popular Aimpoint model for sport shooting, plinking, hunting, and home defense.
Ring sold separately
Comes with battery and flip up lens caps.
The windage, elevation, and battery caps are tethered.
Reticle: 4 MOA Red Dot
Part #AP10338


Military Aimpoint Reflex Sight
Aimpoint CompML Red Dot Sight
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Aimpoint CompML2 installed on a Ruger Mini 14 equipped with an UltiMAK "Scout" Mount (M4-B) which allows for co-witnessing with the iron sights when used with ring 10818 or 10819.

Aimpoint's Reflex Sights are rugged precision electronic optical red dot sights developed for civilian, military and law enforcement applications. Equally at home on pistols, rifles and shotguns, exhaustive field tests have shown this model's 4 M.O.A. dot reticle to provide the best combination of speed and accuracy. Aimpoint sights are designed for the "two eyes open" method of sighting, which greatly enhances situational awareness and target acquisition speed. Thanks to the parallax-free design, the dot follows the movement of the user's eye while remaining fixed on the target, eliminating any need for centering. Further, the sight allows for unlimited eye-relief. The CompML2 is optimized for applications which do not require night vision compatibility. This model utilizes Aimpoint's CETechnology, providing over 30 times longer battery life than the earlier XD - sights.
Recommended rings;
A.R.M.S. #22M68
A.R.M.S. #16A

Specifications for CompML2

Material - housing: Extruded, high strength aluminum, anodized
Surface finish: Hard Anodized, Graphite Grey, Matte
Material - lens covers: Thermoplastic Elastomer, black, non-glare
Optical magnificarion: 1X
Eye relief: Unlimited, centering red dot in lens is not required
Optical coating: Anti Reflex coating, all surfaces
Multi-layer coating for red dot reflection
Dot size: 4 MOA
Switch, dot brightness: 10 positions: 1 off, 9 daylight of which 1 is Extra Bright
Battery: One 3 Volt Lithium battery type 2L76 or DL1/3N
Battery life* (hours): 1000-10,000 h
Length (incl. lens covers): 130mm (5.1")
Width / height: 55mm (2.2")
Weight (incl. lens covers): 200 gram (7.1 oz)
Adjustment: Windage and elevation 1 click = 10 mm at 80 meters, 1 click = 13 mm at 100 meters, 1 click = 1/2" at 100 yards.
Mounting: One wide ring, 30mm diam, or Aimpoint QR Ring
Max temperature range: -45o C to +70o C (-50o F to 160o F)
Water resistance: Submersible to 25 m (80 ft.) water depth**

* Average values, depending on brightness setting

**Tests performed have shown that sights will stand over 100 meters

MOA: Minute Of Angle, 1MOA = 30 mm at 100 m, 1MOA = 1" at 100 yards

NVD: Night Vision Device