UltiMAK Forward Optic Mount for Arsenal "Krinkov" (SLR-106 & SLR-107 U/UR)
Replaces the piston tube/upper handguard assembly. One-piece aluminum optic mount clamps rock-solid to barrel. This is the lightest, lowest, best mount available for AKs. Based on the proven and successful M1-B and M2-B UltiMAK AK mounts, adapted to the shorty "Krinks" made by Arsenal. May fit other "Krinkov" style AKs. Definitely will NOT fit all of them. Easy installation instructions included.

Construction; One-piece aluminum mount body (6061-T6). Hard anodized. OverAll Length - 4.625" (4 & 5/8"). Barrel clamps are 4140 steel, secured with alloy steel cap screws.

Model: M13

A Krink may be a Krink, but it's not necessarily a Krink
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The forward, low mounting enabled by the UltiMAK system provides a better cheekweld for faster target acquisition. Also allows co witnessing of the iron sights with most tubular reflex type sights, such as Aimpoint. (source photo at right - Oleg Volk)
M13 with optic and light on AKS-74U
At right you see the M13 mounted on an AKS-74U having a stepped barrel in the area of the barrel clamps. Our shim set, SH-1 (shown) aligns the step so the M13 can be installed tight and level. M13 with SH-1 shim set on an AKS-74U