L-3 EOTech 557 Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS)
New ballistic reticle specific to .223 caliber munition.
AA battery model (supports Lithium or Alkaline).
Buttons on left side to work specifically with NV or magnifiers.
Compatible with Gen. 1-IV night vision systems (tandem operation)
New QD thumb knob design with 7 mm raised base.
66 feet water submersibility rating.
Reticle: Four 1 M.O.A. red dots w/65 M.O.A. ring.
Optical Magnification: 1X
Finish: All Black, Matte
Model: 557.AR223
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The new 557.AR223 has been developed to optimize the functionality of the HWS. The buttons have been moved from the back to the left side for instant access, allowing a magnifier, night vision, or a back up iron sight to fit closely to the HWS body. This new button position allows the user to operate the HWS function switches easier than ever before. Additionally, a portion of the front base has been raised to allow the sight to fit over standard hand guards found on many M-4 or M-16 style weapons (will not fit over the taller, oval, dual heat-shield handguards. The RRA rifle [at right] had the taller handguards, and this was easily remedied by installing a set of the standard, round, single heat-shield handguards).

Shown at right: The EOTech 557 overhangs the AR's delta ring and handguard, making room for both the Aimpoint 3x magnifier and the ARMS #40L-P precision folding rear sight. The Aimpoint magnifier allows use the two-eyes-open method of aiming, much as one would use a 1x sight, but doing it with a magnifying optic when speed shooting. For more precise aiming, you use the magnified image alone.

EOTech 557 with Aimpoint Magnifier & ARMS 40L-P

The 557.AR223 is configured with a new ballistic matching reticle image for the M4 carbine. The battle tested circle/dot reticle is displayed along with a series of 1 MOA aiming dots that are vertically aligned and calibrated specifically for the ballistic drop of .223 caliber ammunition. The reticle provides 4 aiming dots for target distances of 0-300m, 400m, 500m, and 600m.

The HWS delivers an impressive ten million to one (10,000,000:1) bright to low reticle contrast ratio, ensuring that the reticle is always visible. The reticle can be easily seen against targets in full sunlight - even in desert or tundra environments, and in moonlight.

No cross bolt or Allen wrench to loose-- just take the unit out of the box, install the battery, place the sight directly on the weapon's rail, tighten the thumb knob, turn it on, and its ready for zeroing.

Holographic BDC Reticle

Specifications for EOTech 557.AR223

Reticle: Transmission hologram. 65 MOA circle with four 1 MOA dots, bullet drop calibrated for .223 ammunition at 0-300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters and 600 meters- 100% parallax free
Magnification: 1x
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Adjustment: 0.5 MOA (1/2" at 100 yds) per click, windage and elevation
Adjustment Range: +/- 40 MOA travel
Length/Width/Height: 5.70" x 2.1" x 2.8" (133 x 49 x 71 mm)
Weight: 13.5 oz with batteries
Temperature: -40 to 150 F (using AA lithiums); -20 to 140 F (AA Alkaline)
Waterproof: Submersible to 33 ft depth
Sealing: Fog-proof internal optics
Finish: Non reflective black, with hard coat finish on aluminum surfaces
Mounting: Integral Picatinny (MIL STD 1913) rail interface. Fixed crossbolt with QD slotted thumb knob
Return to Zero: Repeatable to 1 MOA after re-mounting