Aimpoint 10345 KillFlash A.R.D. (Anti Reflection Device)
Fits all 1x CET and ACET sights
Threads into objective lens bell

Model: AP12239

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This cleverly designed (and highly underutilized in our opinion) unit serves the purpose of a conventional sunshade, but in a very space efficient and lightweight unit. Prevents reflections (glint) of sunlight or other light sources from alerting your prey to your position. It also helps protect the objective lens against smudges, scratches, and fingerprints, etc.. Made of a tough and resilient polymer. Allows full closure of flip-up lens cover while installed.

The idea of looking through a honeycomb pattern has prompted some to dismiss it as something that might "obscure" the target. When using a reflex sight as intended, you have both eyes open, therefore no part of your target area is ever obscured. Besides, the honeycomb doesn't block much at all, even when using one eye. It is quite possible, by the way, to use a reflex sight to good effect while the front lens cover is closed completely.
Killflash A.R.D. Aimpoint, Mini-14 scout mount