Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Reflex Sight.
Ultra compact, low, light and rugged.
Weaver style rail interface included.
Now with a hard, matte anodized finish.
12 power settings; daylight and low-light.
Optical Magnification; 1X
Reticle: 4 M.O.A. Red Dot
Model: AP11910


Aimpoint Micro T1 Reflex Sight

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The Micro sights offer the same battle-proven ruggedness of full-sized Aimpoint sights-- able to perform under extreme conditions while adding negligible size and weight to your equipment. It weighs just 3.7 ounces (105 grams) including the supplied rail interface. It sits lower on the rail than other Aimpoint sights and can be added to any rifle, handgun, shotgun or bow having a Weaver or Picatinny rail. Shown at right atop the UltiMAK M9 Optic Mount on a Yugo M70 AK.
(Photo by Oleg Volk)
Reflex Sights Provide a Natural View of Target and Surroundings

Aimpoint T1 Micro on the Auto Ordnance .30 M1 Carbine Aimpoint sights are designed to allow a shooter to do what comes naturally - keep both eyes open while focusing on a target. This method of sighting maintains the shooter's full field of view, greatly enhancing situational awareness while maximizing target acquisition speed. Thanks to the parallax-free design, the dot follows the movement of the user's eye while remaining fixed on the target, eliminating any need for centering. Further, the sight allows for unlimited eye-relief. The H-1 is shown at left on a .30 M1 Carbine with the UltiMAK M6-B Optic Mount-- a very nice combination.

Micro H-1 - Designed with the hunter in mind, these sights are the lightest red dot sights tough enough to bear the Aimpoint name. Small enough to be used anywhere that you cold put iron sights, these sights can be used on any type of firearm or archery equipment. A lightweight rifle with an H1 Micro mounted on it remains a lightweight rifle! A hunting revolver with an H1 Micro installed remains as easy to carry as with iron sights and is much quicker to aim. On a bow, the parallax-free H1 Micro eliminates the need for a peep, allowing you to shoot accurately in lower light.

Technical Specifications for Micro H-1

Optical Data:
System: Passive Red Dot Collimator Reflex
Optical Magnification: 1X
Eye Relief: Unlimited. Centering not required.
Reticle Size: 4 M.O.A.
Optical Coating: Anti reflex and multi layer reflection coating.
Electronic Data:
Battery Type: One 3 V lithium cell, type CR2032, commercially available.
Battery Life, Typical: Over 5 years of continuous use (night and day) at position 8 of 12.
Switch Positions: Rotory, with positive, secure detents. 12 settings - 12 daylight and low light, of which one is extra bright.
Mechanical Data:
Material Housing: Extruded high-strength aluminum.
Surface Finish: Hard anodized black, matte finish.
Material, lens covers: Rubber, black, non-glare finish.
Adjustment: One click = 10 mm at 80 meters, 13 mm at 100 meters, or 1/2" at 100 yards (1/2 M.O.A.)
Total adjustment range: Plus or minus 1 yard at 100 yards, windage and elevation.
Mounting: Keyed surface. Patent pending mount keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil.
Length: 62 mm (2.4")
Width/Height: 41 mm x 36 mm (1.6" x 1.4") for sight only.
41 mm x 40 mm (1.6" x 1.6") for sight with mount.
Ring Width: N/A
Weight: 84 grams (3 oz) sight only.
105 grams (3.7 oz) with mount.
Environmental Data:
Temperature Range: - 30oC to +60oC (-20oF to +140oF)
Water Resistance: Submersible to 5 m (15 ft)

MOA: Minute Of Angle = 30 mm at 100 meters, or ~1" at 100 yards