UltiMAK Rifle Clays

We often get asked some version of; "Why a forward mount, and what good is a 1x sight anyway if it doesn't magnify the target?" The answer in short: For a combination of targeting speed and awareness of the surroundings. Nothing puts these two concepts to the test quite like shooting moving targets, especially if they're small and moving through the air at high speed. Click on the photo to view the Windows Media Video (11MB).

A decent shooter can expect to achieve a hit rate averaging about 20%, or six hits out of a 30 round magazine on the first day. With practice a better hit rate can be achieved, and once "in the zone" we've hit multiple strings of 5 or 6 in a row. The sight we used that day was the Aimpoint CompC3 but we've had great results with the EOTech, Trijicon Reflex, and Trijicon Tripower also.

Safety Alert: We were shooting into a high cliff, and none of our rounds were leaving the range. This is an absolute must in this kind of shooting-- throw several clays before you start shooting to make sure they're not flying so high that you're shooting over your backstop.

The water jug shots are there for entertainment, but also illustrate the power of even a small cartridge like the 7.62 x 39 mm (and maybe a good way for the kids to cool off on a hot day).

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