Synthetic Buttstock for Stamped AKs
Buttstock Only
Color - Black w/matte finish
Buttstock is original (Warsaw Pact) length

Comes with rear sling loop, steel buttplate and trapdoor for cleaning kit.
Requires drilling for the tang screws.
Made in U.S.A. (Embossed "US")

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Perfect for sport shooting, this synthetic buttstock is shown installed along with an UltiMAK optic mount, the ACR2-SL modular forend and E4139 pistol grip.

Of course it's tough, beautiful, practical and affordable - it's made by capitalists. And it comes with a money-back guarantee-- something you will absolutely never get from a big government spending program.

The buttstock length replicates that of the original Warsaw Pact blueprints. Some shooters will find it a little bit on the short side. This is in keeping with most if not all military rifle building philosophy-- Make it quick and easy to handle, for a wide variety of body types, even when wearing a heavy coat or other gear. After using several rifles built on this philosophy, we find that the more "normal" (longer) rifle stocks tend to hang up on our clothing around the armpit. The shorter length of pull also puts the rifle's center of gravity closer to your body.

Check federal, state, and local laws for a list of specific infringements pertaining to installation of a pistol grip stock on an AK that did not originally have a pistol grip stock (such as a MAK-90).