AK-47 Synthetic Buttstock Only, for Milled Receivers
Buttstock is Warsaw Pact length

Comes with rear sling loop and steel buttplate with trapdoor for cleaning kit.
Requires drilling for rear tang screws.
Mounts on single tang or double tang receivers.
Color - Black w/matte finish

Made in U.S.A. (embossed "USA" on front of tenon)
Out of stock. ETA: TBA

Synthetic AK Buttstock for Milled Receiver
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Impervious to the elements, tough, good looking, eminently practical and demands very little of your money-- Totally unlike any Leftist you will ever meet.

The buttstock is original Warsaw Pact blueprint length. Length of pull approximately 13.2".

Fits Bulgarian style milled receivers with square socket having rounded corners. Approximate tenon dimensions; 1.125" wide by 1.270" high.

Check federal, state, and local laws for a list of specific infringements pertaining to installation of a pistol grip stock on an AK that did not originally have a pistol grip stock. Some configurations, on some rifles, apparently are so cursed with evil spirits (perhaps these evil spirits are sneaking in from the Old Country on imported firearm parts?) that they may turn you into a law breaker without you even knowing it. Apparently, only your law makers fully understand this curious paranormal phenomenon because no one else has been able to make any sense of it.

Milled AK with Synthetic Stock